Animaskin to Animasjons-departementet

Animaskin is going to be represented by Animasjonsdepartementet in the Norwegian ads marked

– Animaskin is the animator of animators, says Jakob Thommessen i Animasjonsdepartementet.

- Their sense of storytelling and timing has, among other things, earned them several nominations in Annecy, the Cannes of the animation world. Throw in a winner in Supertoon, participation in festivals such as Pictoplasma, Hiroshima and Ottawa, Staff pick on Vimeo and no less than eight golds in Visuelt.

- But the most important thing for us is: these are good guys! We have worked together on numerous projects already, and admire their enthusiasm, work ethic and good mood. This is going to be so good!

- We are very happy to achieve closer cooperation with Animasjonsdepartementet. They are people we looked up to when we established ourselves in the industry, and who have pushed us up over the years. It is a collaboration that has been in the air for a long time. So now we've popped the champagne and are ready to create something fantastic together, says Julian Vargas in Animaskin.

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