What is the price of an animation project?

Does animation have to be expensive? A price calculator for the different styles of animation

As with most products animated movies come in all prices, sizes and shapes.

The animation projects  we make normally have a minute price between 75 and 250.000 NOK  or 7.200 to 24.000 € . 

This is for a complete animated film with music, sound effects and with all necessary corrections done.

At  Animaskin we tailor each animation project to the clients script. Nothing has been pre-made or used in other projects. Every project is unique. And everything is made in our studio in Oslo, by our team of XY expert animation artists and XY project managers. This is reflected in our price. We have no interest in competing with studios who use subcontractors who don’t have a proven track record of successful execution of animation projects at a scale  for their projects.

To give you an idea of the work that goes into a movie animation I wanted to break down a single shot from one of our previous projects.

It looks pretty straight forward right?

For this shot there was one background designer working two days on the illustration of Oslo.

The characters was first designed by a character designer – 1 day

The 4 characters were animated and colored frame by frame by two animators. There are 30 individual drawings of each character. It took them 2.5 days in total to finish it. 

When the animation is done the characters are integrated into the background by a compositor. She added light, shadow and blurs to the elements in the scene and also animated the banner in 3d.

If we include the director who constantly reviews every aspect of the production there were 6 people involved making this single animated shot. And it took about 70 hours to complete. 

Do all animated movies have to be this time consuming to make?

And what separates the low end and hi end films? 

And what can I as a client do to keep the cost down?

Length. – The most obvious one. The shorter the animation is the less work it will be to make it.

Show it, dont tell it is an important factor here. It continues to blow most clients minds how much you will be able to tell with an animated video in not more than 60 seconds. Using images instead of words to communicate a concept is just so much more efficient. Which is a blessing since most viewers rarely stick around longer than 60 seconds anyway.

Style – Some projects are emotional and require a cinematic and detailed visual style to connect with the audience. Others are simple animated explainer videos that should make complex stuff look simple. Here the less details the better. Most of them are better off without backgrounds altogether.

Your Animation Budget – There are a number of other factors that will affect the animated film’s quality and price. Should we use stock music or a famous composer? TV commercials for an international brand or online course for new employees. Ambitions and attention to details play all the difference in the world. 

In most cases the film does not dictate the budget. The budget dictates the film. 

In Animaskin we are open for most projects. Our tip to you is: Be honest about your budget. 

In most cases we will be able to find good solutions to achieve what you need with the budget you have. But best of all. We will let you know if we are not able to create what you want for the budget you have. Making a bad project is not an option for us.

Below you will find examples in different price ranges.

Our team of designers and animators are the best in Norway with several awards up their sleeve. These artists will work on both hi budget and low budget films.

Lo end – 50 – 100.000NOK / 5.000 – 10.000€ per minute

These films are normally animated explainers with simple characters or no character animation at all.




Midrange – 100 – 200.000NOK / 10.000 – 20.000€ per min

The midrange films rely more on animated characters to convey information or entertain. 

Humor is often an important factor here. 

The animation style tends to be more graphical and less realistic. And backgrounds are simple or non existent. 


Red Cross –  Social inclusion 

Hi-End – 200 – 300.000NOK / 20.000 – 30.000€ per min

The animation projects in this price range have the opportunity to be more cinematic. In this way they can often be emotionally stronger to take in. A more realistic style of animation makes them more suitable to address serious topics such as violence, abuse and mental health. In this segment we get the opportunity to tinker with details and pursue perfectionism.



We hope we’ve answered all of your questions, but we are sure we didn’t. Feel free to send us an email or even better, call us with all of your unanswered questions!