Our short film project “The Plant” has received funding from NFI!

Animaskin would like to direct a big “thank you” to NFI (the Norwegian Film Institute), that has granted us 1,3 million Norwegian Kroner (139.000 EUR) to realise our short film project “The Plant” (“Planten” in Norwegian).

This gives us a rare opportunity for experimentation and development, and we intend to take full advantage of the situation.

According to plan we will put the newly acquired resources into the production in the end of April this year.

“The Plant” can be briefly described as the story about one man’s romantic relationship with a plant – a relationship that drastically changes his live and his world view. The film is written and directed by Animaskin’s Julian Vargas, and the main character is played by Adil Khan.

In the intersection between live-action film and visual effects lies an exciting potential for storytelling – as well as visual expression.

Animaskin has much experience with this intersection, and with “The Plant” we wish to take the concept to a new level.


Click here to read more about the grant from NFI

(NB: Norwegian article).