Intro for the TV show, Landsfareren (translation: The Country Adventurer). Zahid Ali and his buddy, Mudasser, set off on a road trip across the length of Norway. On their trip they discover new and quirky sides of the Norwegian village culture and lifestyle. As we all know, Norway has some pretty amazing National Romantic Art history, so we thought it would be cool if they travelled through 4 famous paintings from this era. We also miss getting our hands dirty, so this seemed like the perfect time to get down on our hands and knees and build something that is REAL.

The sets were cut out of big blocks of polystyrene, then covered with plaster for texture. All props were handmade and painted. A combination of techniques were used, we shot the actors and other footage on green screen, and animated most of the caravan shots frame by frame. Actors were keyed in, and effects were added in compositing. If you really want to know ALL about the making of this video, then check this out.