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How is an animated film made?

So, you need an animated movie but have no idea how it is made.
You probably think.. – This is going to be like that one time when I took my car to the mechanic and I had to sell the house to pay the bill afterwards?

Don’t worry. You won’t get any surprises when working with us.
Behind every project is the same thorough process.
And we will lead you through every step of the way.

First of all you should call us up (95222720) or send us an email post@animaskin.no
Tell us what you need your animated film to communicate and in what mood.

Delivery date is nice to add. If you have seen another animated film you like that’s a big help.
And if you have a ballpark budget. Please share it. It will make it easier for us to suggest solutions which fit.

We then knead and turn the idea around to find the best creative solution and the factors needed for the film to succeed.
Where should it appear? And for whom? What does the customer really need?

The answers form a short treatment, which describes the idea and concept, with a moodboard that visually sets the mood and tone of the film. Here it is good to have really good references that we agree on.

From here the number monkeys set up a detailed schedule and budget for the project.
As a client this is your assurance that you film will be delivered on time and on budget.

All that’s left to start production is an approval from the customer! And, bang, there we got it.


In the pre-production, we draw storyboards and create a so-called “animatic” where all the key points in the story are included.

The animatic is a sketch of the film that helps us get a sense of tempo and timing. This gives the customer the opportunity to provide input before production starts in full.

Finally, we make style frames, which deal with 2-3 specific scenes from the film. These become a reference to the style of the film.


Now that we have approved animatic and design, it’s just a matter of hatching the finished film. We constantly solder status with the customer, and when everything is ready we meet for a social screening. And bang. It’s approved.


Nothing is like a movie with sound and maybe some music.
Our eminent sound designers ensure that the image is raised an extra notch.
Voicers and music are recorded and approved prior to recording.

And then we can all enjoy the finished film for coffee and cakes in the showroom.
If there are any last little things, we will adjust them directly.

In most cases this process is as streamlined as mentioned above. Lastly I will mention one potential roadblocks that could have an outcome on budget and timeframe.

Every step of the way to the final animated film goes through approvals from the client. So lets say that you would like to move backwards in the production chain. Like if you want to change the haircolor of a character after the movie is finished. Obviously this can be done. But it will complicate the process. We have to redo finished work.

That’s why it’s extra important to take your time. Properly consider all factors, and ivolve every person who might have a saying before approving any part of the production.

Now you have learned a little about our production process.
So let’s make stories together!