Aker Solutions - Attitudes

A video we made for the launch of Aker Solutions' new slogan #Powerthechange, and associated "Attitudes" - SAFEGUARDERS, SOLUTIONEERS, CHANGEMAKERS and CO-CREATORS.

The film shows how the company faces a new year by continuing its old values ​​and renewing them to face a changing future, and solving problems in an innovative way.

It is also designed to be split into separate films containing the different values ​​for use on video surfaces internally after the actual launch event.

Aker Solutions, Nucleus

Director: Julian Vargas, Bjarne Anmarkrud
Script: Jan-Sverre Syvertsen, Julian Vargas
Animation: Lucas Bascans, Adèle Lefévre, Fredrik Ekeberg, Alejandro Segura, Dag Ove Solaas, Bjarne Anmarkrud
Design: Benjamin Flouw, Kristoffer stokkerud, Jakob Eiring
Comp: Geir Sæterbakken
Producer: Tor kristian Liseth, Atle Hommersand